Verstappen claims Red Bull floor reveal ‘not great’

Verstappen claims Red Bull floor reveal 'not great'

Red Bull’s rivals have had the opportunity to closely examine the RB19’s floor since the Monaco Grand Prix and Max Verstappen has offered his view on the matter.

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen acknowledges that Red Bull’s floor was recently exposed, however he has discounted the possibility of the team’s Formula 1 rivals making duplicates.

This comes after his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez crashed during qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix and the underbelly of his RB19 was exposed to the general public when it was hoisted by a crane off the track.

Other teams have since had the chance to look at the floor in the incident’s photos, and Mercedes Technical Director James Allison said that the images had given the team’s aerodynamicists plenty to “pore over.”

Verstappen admits that the circumstances surrounding the incident were not perfect, but he thinks it would be challenging for others to design their own design of the Red Bull floor.

“They [Red Bull’s rivals] are working on that anyway, but of course it is not great,” Verstappen said in an interview with Dutch media. “Of course, the other teams are not stupid either… Even if they were to copy it completely, it would not fit the philosophy of their car.

“You have to adjust a lot of things around that as well. We can’t just put someone else’s sidepod on it either. Then the car just doesn’t work, so in the end I don’t think it matters that much.

“This is our floor now, but we will also have a new floor in a few races. It won’t make that much difference.”

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