Verstappen claims changes made at Yas Marina’s Turn 9 will not improve overtaking

Verstappen claims changes made at Yas Marina's Turn 9 will not improve overtaking

The Yas Marina circuit’s modified Turn 9 is “too rapid,” according to Max Verstappen, unless you’re already side-by-side entering the banking.

Max Verstappen does not feel that this season’s overtaking will be improved by the circuit’s Turn 9 adjustment.

The Yas Marina course had some improvements last year, with the redesigned Turn 9 being hailed as the centerpiece. It was redesigned to be a wider and faster corner, and a 5% positive camber was added to make it banked.

The new turn was intended to promote overtaking, but Verstappen claims that it is really “too quick” for that.

The Red Bull driver will start Sunday’s season finale in Abu Dhabi from the front of the field, ahead of Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez. In the struggle between the latter two for second place in the standings, Red Bull is counting on Verstappen to act as the decider if necessary.

Perez may be able to overtake his teammate as a result, but don’t anticipate it to happen at Turn 9.

“Turn Nine I think is a little bit too quick,” said Verstappen. “You only can really fight if you are like side-by-side but even then the car on the inside with the banking, it’s tough.”

“I like the quick corner because that’s more fun in a Formula 1 car but I think actually to have a proper braking zone and possibly like just a hairpin, I think that would have been better for racing, but at least Turn Five I think is an improvement.”

According to Perez, the race will be exciting due to the competition with Ferrari and Verstappen’s potential for assistance.  The Dutchman’s refusal to assist last time in Sao Paulo sparked controversy.

“I think it’s going to be a very interesting one, you know, given how strong Ferrari will be, Mercedes, you know,” Perez said. “With Max it will be an interesting one.”

“It’s quite exciting… It’s great to be playing for something in the final race. So it is good.”

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