Verstappen and Perez get new engines for the Hungarian Grand Prix

Verstappen and Perez get new engines for the Hungarian Grand Prix

After a dismal qualifying session on Saturday, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez received brand-new engine components for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s cars have new engines installed by Red Bull for the Hungarian Grand Prix race on Sunday, although neither driver has received a penalty.

Their respective positions at the start of the race in Budapest are 10th and 11. Verstappen’s power unit troubles in Q3 prevented him from setting a competitive time, and Perez was blocked by Kevin Magnussen on his final Q2 lap after receiving a questionable track limitations call from the stewards.

George Russell produced a strong lap in their absence to claim the pole position for the first time in his career. He starts in front of the two Ferraris, who may be able to catch up to their Red Bull opponents and profit from their desperation throughout qualifying.

Red Bull has provided both of their drivers with brand-new engine parts to give them the best chance of climbing back up through the field. The third internal combustion engine of the year, along with updated MGU-H, MGU-K, and turbochargers, will assist both Verstappen and Perez.

Since the British Grand Prix this year, teams are permitted to fit their vehicles with brand-new engines during qualifying under parc fermé rules. The modifications are sanction-free provided the new engines are a part of a driver’s basic allocation, as they are for both Red Bull drivers.

Verstappen and Perez, though, have used up all of their available engines for the year, which suggests that they will almost certainly receive a penalty at some time later in the season.

Additionally, the Faenza-based team at AlphaTauri has modified Pierre Gasly’s engine.

The French driver, who finished in P19 in Hungary qualifying, was due for a grid drop because the additional component is outside of his initial allocation. However, because the team made the alteration for tactical purposes, Gasly will start the race from the pit lane.

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