The Red Bull Racing RB18 was unveiled on Wednesday, a car developed for the 2022 Formula 1 season under the new F1 rules and regulations. However, Red Bull appears to have duped everyone by releasing a completely fake car and referring to it as an RB18 throughout the presentation ceremony.

Red Bull became the first of F1’s front-running teams to showcase their 2022 F1 challenger on Wednesday, with Christian Horner, Max Verstappen, and Sergio Perez all in attendance at the official launch.

When the RB18 was revealed, however, there were few differences between the Red Bull car and the F1 display prototype from last year, which was frustrating for the Formula 1 fans looking to spot technical advancements and tweaks on the new car.

The only change on the 2022 Red Bull F1 car was the livery, with new title partner Oracle taking center stage with extensive branding throughout the chassis, while the usual blue, red, and yellow color scheme remained.

The Red Bull team boss confirmed that the RB18 unveiled on Wednesday was not the final version of the RB18 and that the car that will be on the track in Bahrain will be very different from what was launched.

According to sources, much of the RB18 is made of fiber glass and steel rather than carbon fiber, which is the standard material for F1 cars.

There are rumours that Mercedes and Ferrari won’t reveal specific details on their launch cars, but will present their actual cars during their events and not a complete fake like Red Bull.

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