Scott Redding wins the superpole at Aragon as Chaz Davies follows

Scott Redding wins the superpole at Aragon as Chaz Davies follows

Saturday was a good day for the Aruba IT Ducatti racing team after getting 1-2 finish in the first WorldSBK race at Aragon.

Scott however had started by being third in the first Prosecco DOC Aragon round after passing Loriz Baz around turn 1,who later continued to drop to the bottom.

Jonathan Rea also had a rather slow start as he dropped from pole position to fourth but later managed to regain his lost positions after passing his teammate Alex on turn 12 to regain his lead. Alex Lowes later suffered a crash at the exit of turn 3 and found himself lucky as the other riders were able to navigate around the fallen Kawasaki rider. Despite the severity of the crash, the race was able to continue without any interruption.

Scott Redding’s teammate, Chaz Davies made a very remarkable improvement after moving from 9th to 2nd and even challenging his teammate through the last laps showing the strength of the Ducatti Paningale V4R around the track.

Scott Redding wins the superpole at Aragon as Chaz Davies follows

Despite Redding’s win at Aragon, he ended up ranking 8th in the overall classification and the third fastest Ducatti on the track as Chaz finished first and Team GoEleven’s Michael Reuben Rinaldi ranked 2nd.

The feeling wasn’t great today but, in the afternoon, when we had Superpole and Race 1, the bike started to feel like my bike and I could use it how I wanted. The rest of the weekend, I’ve struggled a lot. You can see in the lap times I was struggling to go fast, and I really was not enjoying the weekend so far. The team did not give up on me and I didn’t give up on them, we worked together as a good team would, and we put together the package for the race.

“This was the first time I was running these lap times in the race, so it was a bit unknown, I didn’t feel super comfortable.” Scott Redding said. “I was worried about tyres and the guys behind me and I wasn’t really focused on my own lap time.”

” I felt good, I felt like I could hold my own and that was the main thing. Going into the race, I felt like we needed to fight for a podium here. When we got off the start behind the Kawasakis I felt like I could win the race and that give me some motivation. I got passed by Jonny, I tried to make a gap but there was no gap coming. I was happy with him behind. I knew I had quite a good pace in the straights, so I didn’t have to always worry about battling.” added the 27-year-old.

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