Ricciardo wins the tattoo bet after getting the podium at the Eifel Grand Prix

Ricciardo wins the tattoo bet after getting the podium at the Eifel Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo says that his boss, Cyril Abiteboul will get aGerman themed tattoo after getting a podium finish at the Eifel Grand Prix which was held at the Nurburgring.

The Australian had a wager with Abiteboul, the Renault team boss earlier this year that if Ricciardo got a podium finish they would have matching tattoos. After his third place finish on the Nurburgring race on Sunday, he said he would do something linked to where they got their first podium finish together.

“It’s real. It’s going to happen, we’ll have to do some thinking now, but probably it will be something to do with me, but I think with a German flavour,” said Ricciardo.

“This is obviously the place we did it. A little tip of the hat to something traditional in Germany as well.”

Daniel Ricciardo’s podium finish is also the first podium for Renault since they returned back to Formula 1 in 2016 as a works team. The finish is also the first after a long wait since his win in 2018 at the Monaco Grand Prix. He shared his win afterwards with his team in Parc Freme as he described the top three finish felt like a brand new experience.

“Yes, it’s been a while,” he said. “And actually, to be honest, it feels like the first podium all over again. I think it’s been two and a half years or something, and yeah the feeling, it’s really nice, it’s fresh.”

“I’m so, so happy and obviously to see everyone as well: we’ve all waited a long time for this. So, yeah, I think everyone’s going to soak it up.”

Daniel Ricciardo’s podium finish has closed up the highly contested fight for the third place between Mclaren and Racing point. Following a tough afternoon for McLaren, Racing Point is now third on 120 points, with McLaren on 116 and Renault just two points further adrift.

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