Red Bull loses 5kgs with Spanish GP upgrades

Red Bull loses 5kgs with Spanish GP upgrades

According to Dutch journalist Erik van Haren, Red Bull have arrived at the Spanish Grand Prix with upgrades that have shaved off another 5kg from the RB18.

This comes as Red Bull and Ferrari are in a bid to shed off excess weight and they are getting closer to the 798kg limit with their improvements in this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix,

In Imola, the Austrian team made changes that were thought to have taken up to 5kg off the RB18, and Max Verstappen was able to win both there and in Miami as a result of the increased pace.

Ferrari and Red Bull cars were estimated to weigh between 806 and 808 kilogrammes, which is still 8-10 kilogrammes over the 798 kilogramme restriction, but by losing weight this weekend, those two teams will be closer to the statutory level.

However, a Red Bull insider claimed that Ferrari is “seven to eight” kilogrammes lighter than them, implying that either the Scuderia will reach the limit this weekend, or that Red Bull will finally drop below 810kg.

Red Bull advisor, Dr. Helmut Marko had already stated that his team will not be able to meet 798kg this weekend, and van Haren disclosed that the Milton Keynes-based team had shed 5kg in weight at a race where upgrades are generally necessary heading into the European run-in.

“Traditionally, in the run-up to GP Spain, it is mainly about updates. A good package for Ferrari, among others, Red Bull loses about five kilos,” he tweeted.

Both Ferraris have now reduced to roughly 803kg, so they are both likely to be there or near when their next big improvement is introduced.

This comes after Ferrari put a lighter floor in their F1-75, and team principal Mattia Binotto stated that Red Bull would have to “stop developing” because to their upgrades bringing them closer to the $142.1 million budget cap, which was decreased due to the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix.

There were rumours that they had used up at least two-thirds of their development budget, but Dr. Marko dismissed this as “nonsense,” and Verstappen stated that there is still room for more.

“There’s plenty left in the tank!” he told Formula 1. “There’s always things we can do better, and I think at the moment the main one for us is reliability, so we’ll just try to get on top of that first.”

“I think we just have a team working really well on-track, but also back at the factory, it’s very efficient, and I think that, of course, with the cost cap is very important. But I think we’re definitely one of the best on the grid with that.”

Although Ferrari has been faster around the corners this year, and the Circuit de Catalunya is noted for its sharp turns, the reigning champion believes his car will be competitive.

“I expect us to do well here but of course, you have to wait and see what the other teams are going to bring,” explained Verstappen.

“We’ll see. I’m pretty relaxed. It’s a long season and I know that it’s all going to be about development in the car anyway. So, step by step, every race.”

This weekend, Aston Martin also made significant improvements, and their car has been dubbed the “Green Red Bull” due to the resemblance of their new sidepods.

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