Protestors warned against risking their lives ahead of British Grand Prix

Protestors warned against risking their lives ahead of British Grand Prix

Formula 1 key players have warned Just Stop Oil protestors from risking lives at this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

Just Stop Oil protesters interfered with the British Grand Prix last year by entering the Silverstone racetrack following Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu’s crash on the opening lap.

Six spectators ran onto the track during the opening lap of the legendary race at Silverstone last year when Zhou Guanyuan’s Alfa Romeo crashed, tainting the event with terrifying scenarios.

The individuals in question turned out to be members of the protest movement, and they were found guilty of creating a public disturbance in February of this year.

With protestors disrupting other significant sporing events by sprinkling powder on the tablecloths, such revolting images have now become an ongoing trend. A group attempted to enter the wicket on the first day of the contentious Ashes Test played at Lord’s last week, but they were stopped by players.

However, speaking outside Downing Street on Thursday, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff and Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali had harsh words for anyone planning on staging any sort of protest.

“We are not here to dispute opinion on things – but (dispute) things that are getting dangerous,” said Domenicalli. “And destroying an event that 100,000 people come to I think is totally wrong.

“There are ways of doing what you want to do but this is totally unacceptable and I hope that people understand that there is not the space to find the right place.”

Wolff also claimed that critics of the sport should acknowledge its significant progress in becoming more environmentally friendly.

“Our industry is trailblazing in sustainability, we have sustainable fuels and in 2026 it will be 100% sustainable fuel,” Wolff said. “And the technology and innovation in Formula 1 is important to achieve those emission standards.”

“We wouldn’t want to have anybody being at risk… Spectators, fans or themselves. You’re seriously putting people at harm (if you go on the track).”

McLaren’s Lando Norris chimed in calling the behavior from a year ago “stupid thing to do.”

“It is a very selfish thing to do at the same time because of the consequences it has on the person who drives the car if something happens,” Norris said at the unveiling of their new Google Chrome car livery in Woking.

“Everyone has a right (to protest) and I guess there are good ways of doing it and worse ways. I hope people are smart enough not to do it.

“There are much safer ways to get just as much attention and do what they want to do.”

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