Porsche to remain in Formula E until 2030

Porsche to remain in Formula E until 2030

Porsche has committed to stay in the all-electric Formula E championship until at least 2030.

Porsche confirmed on Thursday that they will be entering the Gen4 era of Formula E as a powertrain supplier, continuing its stint in the championship until at least the end of 2030.

The announcement comes ahead of the series’ return to China, after a four year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with two races in Shanghai this weekend and the German manufacturer has now committed for seasons 13 to 16.

The Gen4 era of Formula E will be introduced in 2026/27 and conclude in 2029/2030, with Porsche being the third manufacturer to confirm its entry into the next era of the series. Nissan was the first to announce its Gen4 commitment ahead of the Tokyo E-Prix, whilst Jaguar confirmed its entry during the Monaco E-Prix.

Porsche has competed in Formula E since the second season of the Gen2 era (2019/20), but was more of a sleeping giant in its first seasons in championship. The Gen3 era has been a completely different story, with the Stuttgart-based side being seen as having the most competitive package on the grid.

Porsche and its customer team Andretti has claimed six wins since the start of 2023 and currently leads the manufacturers’ trophy.

“With their unwavering commitment and innovative spirit, we are thrilled to announce that Porsche will continue to be a cornerstone of our championship for at least another four years,” Jeff Dodds, chief executive of Formula E, said.

“Their dedication to the highly anticipated Gen4 era not only pushes the boundaries of technology and performance but also sets a new standard for excellence in worldwide motorsport.

“With Porsche’s expertise and high-performance powertrains as one of the world’s most revered automotive manufacturers, this renewed partnership bolsters an exciting future for Formula E, filled with even more groundbreaking achievements and unforgettable racing moments.

Dodds also said that the motorsport giant is very easy to work with, making them a perfect partner for the future.

“I joined right at the time where Porsche had announced they were going to continue to the end of Gen3,” he added. “What they didn’t announce was the conversations we’d had were with an intention to continue through Gen4 and beyond.

“They are a really simple partner to work with, because Porsche say motorsport is important to us. This is what we will bring to motorsport. This is what we need from you. And what they need from us, is a commitment to develop next generation technology that allows them to absolutely learn.”

This is a great show of faith from the Stuttgart marque and one that Formula E certainly needed. Having lost big German manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi in recent years, losing Porsche would have had severe consequences.

It also follows Porsche’s brief flirtation with Formula One, which ended with a failed attempt to partner with Red Bull, although Porsche Motorsport’s director of motorsport sales Michael Dreiser previously stated that it remains an interesting racing series for the brand.

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