Pierre Gasly wins maiden italian GP as Hamilton takes penalty

Pierre Gasly wins maiden italian GP as Hamilton takes penalty

A turn of events took place at Monza when AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly emerged the first in the Sunday afternoon’s race. This is after a fierce battle on the track with Carlos Sainz(Mclaren) and Lance Stroll(Racing Point) who were also eyeing for the win. This comes after Lewis Hamilton who was the polesitter was penalised for a safety car infraction.

The Sunday afternoon’s race was turned around after a safety car was brought out after Charles Leclerc(Ferrari) had a crash at the Parabolica,Leclerc was able to get out his car and head to the medical centre for precautionary checks.This comes as Kevin Magnussen’s Haas had to be recovered after grounding to a halt as it was approaching the pitlane,the race marshals had to push it to the pit. Lewis Hamilton was handed the penalty after driving into the pitlane while it was closed, AlfaRomeo’s Antonio Giovinazzi was also penalised for doing the same.

Pierre Gasly remained in the lead as he had pitted before the safety car came out and held on to the top position. This comes as Carloz Sainz closely followed and Lance Stroll came in third to complete the podium. Lando Norris came fourth in the sister Mclaren as Valtteri Bottas ranked 5th being the first Mercedes. This comes after the Mercedes’ driver had a poor start which saw him dropping to the 6th position at the end of lap 1.

Daniel Ricciardo took the 6th position as Hamilton came in 7th after getting the penalty, Esteban Ocon came in as the second renault at the 8th position as Daniil Kvyat(AlphaTauri) and Racing point’s Sergio Perez came in 9th and 10th rounding out the points for the Sunday afternoon’s event.

Both Ferraris retired from the race in their homeground, Charles Leclerc crashed at the Parabolica as Sebastian Vettel suffered a brake failure on lap 6. Redbull’s Max Verstappen also retired on lap 31 as he did not have a great race which had seen him drop from among the top to p15. Verstappen’s teammate Alexander Albon came in 15th despite nearly clashing with Pierre Gasly at the initial first corner in an incident that was never investigated.

Pierre Gasly wins maiden italian GP as Hamilton takes penalty
Charles Leclerc’s crash

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