Nike disputes Verstappen’s ‘Max 1’ clothing brand

Nike disputes Verstappen's 'Max 1' clothing brand

Nike reportedly disputed Max Verstappen’s choice to label his new clothing line “Max 1” due to the similarities in the names of the two brands.

Max Verstappen has demonstrated a tremendous lot of interest in matters unrelated to racing in addition to being the fastest on the track. One of these is his upcoming fashion line, Max 1, which has been made public.

However, the double world champion and Nike, a well-known American company, have had a disagreement as a result of his new clothing brand.

According to a source from De Limburger, Nike took up the matter due to the name’s closeness between Verstappen’s brand and Nike’s Air Max line of shoes.

It is believed that due to the fact that the two will sound so similar—with emphasis on the term Max—consumers may become confused and believe there is a connection between the two brands.

The investigation and Nike’s opposition were validated by the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP), the region’s trademark administration, in their report. The same document includes a list of the arguments against the proposal. Evidently, the brand’s naming is not the only problem.

Although the names Max 1 and Nike Air Max may sound quite similar, the BOIP study also confirms that the two brands are aesthetically identical. For Max Verstappen’s brand, a lot is on the line as a result. This report claims:

“Both signs contain the word MAX, albeit in a different place. In the trademarks invoked, the elements AIR and MAX have equal weight in the overall impression.”

“In the contested sign, the emphasis is on the word MAX. The number 1 will be regarded as a specification of MAX. To that extent the signs agree.”

It also highlighted how the two brands’ physical resemblance:

“The goods in question (Nike and Max) are partly identical and partly similar. Visually and aurally, there is a certain degree of similarity between the signs.”

The report amplified the previously indicated public uncertainty regarding the brand’s identity by leading people to believe that they were somehow commercially connected. This might prompt Max Verstappen to make adjustments to his brand before it is formally launched.

Although Max Verstappen may find this to be an inconvenience off the track, his situation in Formula 1 is very different. The Dutchman has proven himself capable of dominating the grid with Red Bull’s RB19.

He and Sergio Perez finished second and third respectively in the first two races of the season, but Checo’s car won the race in Jeddah.

As Formula One moves to Australia, there are a lot of expectations for the two-time world champion after he was compelled to retire last season owing to troubles with his car.

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