Movie trailer depicting the life of Enzo Ferrari released

Movie trailer depicting the life of Enzo Ferrari released

The trailer for the Michael Mann’s ‘Ferrari’ movie has been released, giving fans an early glimpse of Adam Driver as the pioneering motoring entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari.

The first trailer for the Michael Mann-directed biopic drama “Ferrari,” which will have a theatrical release at the end of the year, has been made public by independent film production firm Neon.

The Brock Yates book “Enzo Ferrari: The Man, The Cars, The Races, The Machine” served as the inspiration for the much awaited motion picture starring Adam Driver, Penélope Cruz, and Shailene Woodley.

The movie follows former Formula 1 racing ace Enzo Ferrari (Driver) and his wife Laura (Penelope Cruz) as they come to a turning point in their life after facing numerous emotional and professional obstacles.

The narrative centers on Enzo Ferrari’s life in the summer of 1957, a crucial time in the Commendatore’s personal turmoil during which the automotive legend fought to keep his racing team and eponymous business from going bankrupt while also coping with the breakdown of his marriage to Laura, played by Cruz, in the wake of the death of their only son, Dino.

The plot also makes reference to Enzo Ferrari’s connection with his mistress Lina Lardi and to his other son, Piero.

The trailer depicts the emotional upheaval and high-stakes task that Ferrari and those around him face as they get ready for the demanding Mille Miglia open-road competition through a series of shots that are woven together with little to no speech.

The infamous Mille Miglia, a perilous 1,000-mile race through Italy, is where the drama comes to a head and Enzo’s “roll of the dice” decides the outcome.

The 1957 race took a catastrophic turn when Alfonso de Portago’s Ferrari ruptured a tyre and crashed, killing the Spanish driver, his navigator, and nine spectators.

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The greater part of the movie was filmed in Brescia, Italy, which was the actual location of the Mille Miglia race.

The film seems to investigate Enzo Ferrari’s complicated and dramatic life and personality, possibly the most captivating figure in the history of motorsport, even though the world of racing is at the center of the interest.

The Troy Kennedy Martin-penned Neon movie also stars Sarah Gadon as Linda Christian, Gabriel Leone as Alfonso de Portago, Patrick Dempsey as driver Piero Taruffi, and Jack O’Connell as driver Peter Collins.

The movie “Ferrari” will be seen in theaters all over the world on December 25.

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