Mercedes has revealed their new car design for the 2022 Formula 1 season.

In a social media post, the team used the slogan “new year, new Mercedes”, showing what appears to be an early prototype of the W13 – the car the team will enter for this year’s championship.

Various new technical regulations have been introduced to F1 this year, which will drastically change the look of the cars. In the past season, it displayed a show car that offered an interpretation of the rules.

There are several obvious differences between the Mercedes image and the show car. In the Mercedes, the front wing has three instead of four elements, the sidepods are considerably larger, and the rear wing is shaped differently.

Last week, Mercedes shared video of the W13’s new 2022 power unit being fired up for the first time. There has been no other team that has revealed as much about their 2022 plans, and preseason testing has yet to begin.

Mercedes has won the constructors’ championship eight times in a row, and led in the drivers’ championship seven times in a row until Lewis Hamilton lost to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen last year.

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