Mario Andretti responds to F1 entry rejection

Mario Andretti responds to F1 entry rejection

Mario Andretti has expressed his disappointment on social media after finding that Andretti Global’s attempt to enter Formula 1 in the near future has been rejected.

F1 world champion Mario Andretti has responded to the revelation that his son Michael’s application to launch the sport’s 11th team partnering General Motors has been rejected.

Andretti Global, directed by Mario’s son Michael Andretti, partnered with General Motors to launch a bid and become the 11th team in the sport. However, F1 executives declared that their application was turned down after releasing a statement on Wednesday.

Andretti was in discussions with Formula One Management after receiving consent from the sport’s governing body, the FIA last year. However, the sport unambiguously stated that Andretti would not be allowed to join the F1 grid in 2025, citing both financial and sporting concerns.

Mario Andretti was the first to respond to the news on social media with a brief but emotional statement .

“I’m devastated,” the former Formula 1 driver said. “I won’t say anything else because I can’t find any other words besides devastated.”

The new team’s possibility of competing at its planned joining date of 2025 or 2026 was questioned by F1 in a statement announcing the rejection of the Andretti offer. The statement further claimed that the Andretti brand was going to gain more value from the sport in comparison with what the new team will give.

Furthermore, it was stated unequivocally that there is no proof the addition of the new team will boost F1’s finances.

However, the prospect of an eleventh team is not entirely out of the question. Executives are especially excited about the prospect of General Motors joining the sport, either by establishing a full works team or by supplying power units.

F1 believes that 2028 is a reasonable deadline for giving an 11th team due consideration.

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