Magnussen warns Canada will be more ‘bumpy’

Magnussen warns Canada will be more 'bumpy'

Kevin Magnussen believes that the ride during this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix will be harder and more painful for the drivers after suffering bouncing and bottoming in Baku.

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen believes the Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal will be tough on drivers, predicting another bumpy weekend for Formula One.

Mercedes’ drivers expressed concern about the physical effects they suffered on race day in Azerbaijan, with Lewis Hamilton struggling to make it to the finish line while battling a terrible backache caused by his car’s bouncing, low ride-height, and stiffness.

With the sport’s next generation cars, Magnussen believes the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve’s uneven surface, where F1 last raced in 2019, will pose a “tough” challenge.

“Montreal is a cool, cool place… It’s a nice track as well, it’s pretty unique, it’s kind of like a street circuit but then also a hybrid – I really like it,” Magnussen said.

“It’s very bumpy so it’s going to be harsh in these new cars as they’re very stiff. it’s going to be a challenge I’m sure but a good one.”

During the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend, multiple drivers complained to the FIA about back pain caused by severe bouncing at high speeds.

Mercedes will be disappointed by the prediction, since Lewis Hamilton was the worst-affected driver in Baku. The Brit’s Canadian Grand Prix weekend appeared to be in doubt at one point due to his back injury, but he has since stated that he is healthy enough to compete.

Haas started 2022 with a lot of promise, but they haven’t scored a point in the last four races having suffered four retirements. Magnussen hasn’t finished in the top 10 since April’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and as a result, he’ll be out next weekend to break the drought.

“The goal is to score points, that’s for sure. I think we have the car to do that and I’m looking forward to going there,” Magnussen added.

The race in Canada will be the final event before the season’s European stage begins, which will consist of seven races spread out over three months across the continent.

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