Magnussen not happy with FIA ban on wedding rings

Magnussen not happy with FIA ban on wedding rings

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen says he “feels horrible” about racing without his wedding ring following FIA’s ban on drivers wearing jewellery on the track.

The F1 governing body issued tougher directives on jewellery ban ahead of this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix, stating that “the presence of jewellery can hinder, due to the possibility of’snagging,’ the emergency removal of driver safety equipment such as helmet, balaclava, and overalls.”

The FIA race director Niels Wittich told competitors that an amendment to each team’s scrutineering statement of conformity form had been made to cover the restriction on jewellery as well as non-compliant underwear.

Magnussen believes that the ban is one that makes him uncomfortable when it comes to such a sensitive item such as a driver’s wedding ring.

“I understand what they are they saying, but it is a wedding ring around your finger,” said the Dane. “I’ll take a little bit of extra burn on my finger to race in my wedding ring.”

“And if something was going to happen, something bad, I would want to wear my wedding ring. It kind of feels bad to take it off.”

“With something like that, like your wedding ring. Let us take that responsibility. There must be somehow to remove liability.”

It has been reported that the FIA will use an increasing fine mechanism for individuals found in violation of the rule, with repeat offenders facing a $265,000 fine!

Magnussen will follow the regulation, but it will plainly be against his will.

“I don’t want to pay the 250,000 Euro fine,” said the Haas driver.

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