Long awaited Brad Pitt F1 movie gets a release date

Long awaited Brad Pitt F1 movie gets a release date

The highly anticipated Brad Pitt F1 movie has been given an official release date, according to Formula 1 and Apple Original Films.

The release date of the long-awaited F1 film starring Brad Pitt has been confirmed with the blockbuster movie set to hit theaters in the summer of 2025.

The untitled movie will premiere in theaters around the world on June 25, 2025, and in North America two days later.

The movie has been made by Apple Original Films as part of a collaboration with F1, while seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has been involved as a producer alongside Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ director Joseph Kosinski.

Academy Award winner Javier Bardem, ‘The Crown’ star Tobias Menzies and Damson Idris are also in the film.

Movie Filming began with the 2023 British Grand Prix, as the movie is set to feature all ten teams on the current Formula 1 grid along with the drivers, the FIA, and event promoters.

The production crew has also been filming throughout the current Formula 1 season, blending in with the racing community with ease. Keen-eyed spectators may have spotted their fictional “APX GP” team garage and pitwall setup on some Grand Prix events.

Brad Pitt will portray a former Formula 1 driver who returns to the sport to drive alongside a rookie teammate, played by Damson Idris at APXGP team.

“The movie is a landmark for the sport and cinema, filmed in real-time during grands prix around the world and involving the Formula One community, including all 10 teams, the drivers, the FIA and race promoters,” a joint statement from Apple and F1 read.

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“The new feature film is set in the exhilarating and cinematic world of Formula One and will immerse audiences in the spectacle of the most popular annual sports series, celebrating the skill and heroism of the drivers while showcasing the incredible challenge of competition in Formula One.

“The feature will see Brad Pitt star as a former driver who returns to Formula 1, alongside Damson Idris as his rookie team-mate at APXGP, a fictional team on the grid, battling against the sport’s drivers and teams.

“Production of the movie, which began in 2023, will continue at this year’s British Grand Prix and at several other races, and complete at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in December.”

The project is highly pertinent to Formula 1 as the sport hopes the film will be as successful as the Netflix docuseries “Drive to Survive,” which has significantly boosted its popularity, particularly in the critically important U.S. market.

The film which features an A-list cast, a seasoned director, and cutting-edge filming techniques, possesses the capacity to revolutionize the Grand Prix racing industry by reeling in a new audience.

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