Leclerc was furious after Monaco crash

Leclerc was furious after Monaco crash

Charles Leclerc confesses he felt enraged after failing to win the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix which is his home race as he hopes for better in 2023.

The Ferrari driver had high expectations for performing well in front of his home fans the previous year. He made a strong qualifying run and finished on pole, three tenths ahead of Carlos Sainz.

However, due to a communication error that caused both Ferrari cars to pit at the same time, the race did not run as planned, holding up Leclerc.

The Monesgague didn’t even receive a podium result, and he opened up to Canal in France on how upset he was at not being able to win at home.

“I wanted to smash everything up,” he admitted.

Leclerc and Ferrari’s success in qualifying but failure in the races was one of the themes of 2022. He showed early promise by winning two of the first three races, but a string of tactical errors caused Ferrari to fall behind Red Bull.

The race in Monaco clearly defined their issues, and Leclerc does not have the best of memories of it.

“I wasn’t feeling well… I was at home,” Leclerc added. “Honestly, I’d done everything perfectly, it was a perfect weekend, I qualified on pole position and in the race we had an incredible pace.

“So to finish the race in fourth position was … not easy.”

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