Lance Stroll cleared to race after horror Singapore qualifying crash

Lance Stroll cleared to race after horror Singapore qualifying crash

Lance Stroll was involved in a serious incident towards the end of Q1 during qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix, but Aston Martin has confirmed he is unhurt.

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll was placing 20th and last towards the end of Q1, but was getting faster as the end of the first round of Singapore Grand Prix qualifying session approached.

However, Stroll eventually appeared to veer slightly to the far side as he tackled the final turn at Marina Bay Circuit, losing control of his AMR23 at about 240 kph, spinning to the outside, and slamming nose-first into the barriers.

The session was immediately red flagged as a result of the crash, which severely damaged his car’s front-left and rear.

Stroll stepped out of the wrecked car on his own and appeared to be actually unscathed as a result of the crash impact. FIA medical delegate Dr. Ian Roberts attended to him at the scene of the incident before transporting him in the medical car to the track’s medical facility.

Aston Martin mentioned in a statement that their driver did not sustain injuries in the crash.

“He got out of the car unaided and was taken to the medical centre for a precautionary assessment,” said the team.

“Lance was cleared by the on-site medical team and returned to the team at track.”

Aston Martin also praised the FIA’s continuous efforts and the safety features of the current F1 cars.

After an extended interruption to clear debris and barrier repairs resulting from the crash, the session resumed. Stroll’s teammate Fernando Alonso qualified in the third round to place seventh overall on the grid, six tenths of a second behind pole sitter Carlos Sainz.

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