Kimi Raikkonen’s son is in all ways like his father

Kimi Raikkonen's son is in all ways like his father

Kimi Raikkonen’s son Robin Ace Raikkonen is following in the footsteps of his father after he started to claim podiums in karting.

Like his father, Robin Ace Raikkonen is a quick racer and it also looks that he has picked up the same funny style of responding to questions from the media which helped Kimi Raikkonen win over his fans.

Recently, Kimi’s son participated in racing at the Sette Laghi Kart International Circuit in Italy securing his second-ever podium finish. Robin Raikkonen and the 2007 World Champion are quite similar particularly when it comes to speaking with journalists, as his mother Minttu Raikkonen revealed in an Instagram story.

Robin has inherited Kimi’s habit of giving brief, straightforward one-word answers to questions that eventually made him famous.

According to, Raikkonen’s son was asked how it felt when he claimed what the reporter believed to be his first third-place finish, but the ex-Ferrari driver promptly corrected him and said: “Second.”

When asked if the circuit was challenging in any stages, Robin ultimately responded in classic Kimi style. He replied, “Yeah,” as the reporter attempted unsuccessfully to get more information from the young driver.

“It’s easier or stronger to drive?” the reporter asked.

“Easier,” Kimi’s son replied.

Robin went on to sound exactly like his father, when asked: “Next time which place will you remain [finish]?”

Robin comically answered the question by saying: “I don’t know.”

When it comes to being a swift driver and the person being interviewed, Robin really does appear to be like his father.

Throughout his career, Kimi Raikkonen frequently provided extremely brief responses, while he was also sometimes known to lose his temper. At the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, he became famous for repeatedly shouting over the radio for his gloves and steering wheel.

In another iconic Kimi moment, the Finn withdrew from the race and walked all the way around the track and the tunnel during the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix. He went directly to his yacht instead of making his way back to the McLaren garage, where he was later seen relaxing with friends while the historic race was still going on.

If Robin makes it all the way to racing in Formula One, he might be able to emulate some of his father’s memorable accomplishments.

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