Horror footage showing Lance Stroll passing out emerges

Horror footage showing Lance Stroll passing out emerges

An Onboard video showing Lance Stroll presumably passing out during Sunday’s Qatar Grand Prix has been shared on social media, as the race event has been dubbed an absolute catastrophe.

The Qatar Grand Prix race last weekend at the Lusail International Circuit was one of the most grueling ever in a driver’s career as a result of the dangerous driving conditions brought on by extreme temperatures and humidity.

It became clear just how dangerous the race was after several health issues came to light, which was already evident during the race.

George Russell was one among several F1 drivers who frequently opened their visor in an effort to get some cool air inside their helmet.

Logan Sargeant had to pull out of the race due to having felt unwell and was observed having difficulties getting out of his car. Later, it was discovered that he had been severely dehydrated.

With the cars’ temperatures exceeding 50°C during the first few laps, Fernando Alonso asked Aston Martin to spray cold water into the car after becoming razed by excessive heat in the cockpit. However, considering that the move was prohibited and may be utilized to add weight to the car, Aston Martin was unable to take action.

When the race was over, most of the drivers struggled to climb out of their cars—something that a few needed assistance with—and immediately lay on the ground.

Stroll was observed struggling to stay upright after he exited his AMR23 and headed to the waiting ambulance in the parc ferme for assistance.

Dehydration and heat exhaustion had been a problem around the paddock, it was even discovered that many drivers went to the medical facility by themselves for assistance.

Stroll reportedly admitted that he passed out during the race, while Lando Norris even mentioned that several drivers had passed out in the medical center.

Fortunately, the Aston Martin driver managed to finish the race, but if he had been unconscious for more than a few seconds, he would have been involved in a fatal accident.

A fan-made Aston Martin Twitter/X page posted a footage of one of the incidents they believe led to Stroll passed out during the race.

In the video, we can notice the way Stroll’s head swung around in the cockpit as the car raced down the start/finish straight.

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