Hollywood star Brad Pitt to feature in $140m Formula 1 movie

Hollywood star Brad Pitt to feature in $140m Formula 1 movie

Following an incredible 2021 season, Hollywood looks to have been swept up in Formula 1 fever, with Brad Pitt apparently ready to star in a massive Apple-backed film based on the sport.

According to reports, the plot revolves around a former Formula One driver (Pitt) coming out of retirement to train a rising star while attempting to win a final World Championship.

According to Deadline, the project’s budget was ranging between $130 million to $14 million with Pitt’s star power being the main draw. Deadline also revealed director Joseph Kosinski has signed on for the film, which will be written by Ehren Kruger and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

Pitt and Kosinski previously intended to make a racing film called ‘Go Like Hell,’ in which the actor would have played Carroll Shelby, a U.S. racing icon, in a film aimed at becoming ‘The Right Stuff’ of motorsport. Shelby’s story was later dramatized in the film ‘Ford v Ferrari,’ with Matt Damon acting as Shelby and Christian Bale portraying British driver Ken Miles.

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