Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

A fifth place was the best Sergio Perez could achieve at the Spanish GP, but he is not happy with it. He knows he needs to do better if he wants to race for Red Bull Racing next season. The Mexican is looking forward to the Monaco Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen, as a teammate, is making relatively frequent adjustments during the opening stages of the 2021 season. “He tells me how to drive the car, how to get the most out of the car and how to adapt my driving style,” Perez says of the advice he receives from the current number two in the world championship.

Speaking to Marca the veteran continued,”Every circuit is different. It doesn’t mean that if you learn something here in Spain, it will immediately work in Monaco, although people think it will.” According to Perez, each weekend is a search for the right balance and set-up. It is one of the reasons why Perez has not scored a podium this year.

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