Hamilton and Verstappen criticize new F1 tyre rule

Hamilton and Verstappen criticize new F1 tyre rule

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen criticized the new Formula 1 tyre rule claiming that it resulted in less track action on Friday.

This weekend, F1 is testing its Alternative Tyre Allocation approach. The rules stipulate that drivers get 11 pairs of slick tires instead of 13 for the three days, and there are additional limits on when they can use them.

Most drivers utilized two sets of tyres in the dry second practice session after the first practice was hampered by rain. Verstappen and the Mercedes duo only utilized one set apiece, opting to use as many fresh tyre sets as possible for the rest of the weekend.

Verstappen, who completed 18 laps in the second practice session, claimed that the new setup resulted to a somewhat boring experience for spectators.

“We haven’t actually used a lot of tyre sets today,” said the Red Bull driver. “With this new format, you’re just super-limited with the tyres that you can use.

“I didn’t want to use them today to at least have a bit more of a better preparation tomorrow. But it’s a bit of a shame, there’s so many people around and you basically don’t really run a lot.

“So we’ll have to see what we can do to improve that because really you’re just saving times which I think is not the correct thing.”

The ATA was established to lessen the quantity of tires that F1 teams bring to races and to minimize waste, freight, and emissions. The number of wet weather tires used in each race, according to Hamilton, may be decreased to achieve this goal more successfully.

“We only had one tyre that we were going to use this session so it’s not really a great format this change they made for this weekend,” the seven time world champion said.

“It just means we get less running, so not ideal.

“There’s a lot of wet tyres that I think they throw away after every weekend, like, a lot and maybe they should look at something like that rather than taking time on track away from the fans.”

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