Ferrari’s Italian Grand Prix livery coming to F1 23

Ferrari's Italian Grand Prix livery coming to F1 23

Ferrari has announced a special livery for the Italian Grand Prix in recognition of their triumph at the 24 Hours of Le Mans earlier this year. But will F1 23 have the Ferrari’s Italian Grand Prix livery?

Ferrari’s Formula 1 season in 2023 has been a complete bust, but now that the Scuderia have won Le Mans for the first time since 1965, what better place to celebrate than at their home race?

Through social media, EA has hinted that the Ferrari’s Italian Grand Prix Livery for F1 23 is expected to be released on August 31. It appears that gamers will have the opportunity to race in the unique livery in anticipation for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

Ferrari has unveiled a new livery for the Italian Grand Prix as F1 heads to Monza this weekend. This livery, which complements the iconic Ferrari red with a dash of yellow and black, was developed to honor Ferrari’s win in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.

With former Formula 1 driver Antonio Giovinazzi as one of the members of the winning squad, Ferrari won the historic race in 2023 for the first time since 1965.

Drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will don unique racing overalls in addition to the new car livery to commemorate the historic victory. Despite 2023 being a challenging year for Ferrari, this celebration livery has won over the Tifosi.

The Williams 800th Race Livery and the McLaren Chrome Livery are just two of the limited edition liveries that have been added to F1 23 so far this year.

Ferrari’s Italian Grand Prix livery is intriguing especially as it seems like Ferrari used F1 23 to share pictures of the new-looking cars on social media. The fact that F1 23 had been used to debut the new livery suggests that the livery is already prepared for use in the game.

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The livery’s release is probably a matter of when, not if. It’s unlikely that the Ferrari livery would appear prior to the Italian Grand Prix given that Update 1.10 has reinstated Daniel Ricciardo to the series this week.

The livery is probably coming to F1 23 the next week. The Ferrari livery might be accessible concurrently with the announcement that the Charles Leclerc Pro Challenge would be playable starting on September 5.

Although it hasn’t been verified as of the time of writing, it’s also feasible that winning the Leclerc Pro Challenge will net you the Ferrari livery.

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