F1 23 update featuring Ferrari’s ‘Golden Age’ livery released

F1 23 update featuring Ferrari's 'Golden Age' livery released

EA Sports has released F1 23 patch 1.17 which features Ferrari’s ‘Golden Age’ livery, race suit and driver helmets.

The F1 23 updates are still coming in despite the fact that there is only one race left in 2023. Update 1.17 addresses a number of issues that players have been having while the new Ferrari livery is clearly the centerpiece in the updated release.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix ultimately proved to be more exciting than anticipated, providing fans with the action they had been clamoring for all year.

Almost every car on the grid unveiled an unique livery for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, but one stood out from the others. Ferrari’s ‘Golden Age’ livery, with its retro accents and white rear wing adding a touch of elegance was an instant fan sensation.

The Golden Age livery is now available in F1 23, with the standard Ferrari livery being sent to the pits, thanks to Update 1.17. The exclusive Ferrari race suits that Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc sported are also available in the new release.

However, just like all the other one-off liveries, this is only available for a short period of time so gamers who want to experience the heyday of Ferrari will have to move quickly.

Aston Martin has also received some attention in Update 1.17 besides the Ferrari livery. The AMR23’s visuals have been updated to better match the car’s real-life equivalent.

Update 1.17 also fixes additional issues in the game. Many of the bugs that still plague F1 23 are intended to be fixed in the new F1 23 Update, including multiplayer race issues to F1 World event issues.

Ranked Multiplayer no longer reflects F2 23 or five-lap races, and multiplayer playlists will no longer stop the lobby from moving on to the next race.

Additionally, F1 World players won’t be able to advance through the ranks without taking part in ranked races; that means you won’t ever find yourself ranked Gold when you should only be Bronze.

The names and titles of the “Solo & Multiplayer” events have finally been restored, and the Pitcoin and XP boost buying crash has also been resolved.

Check out the full F1 23 Update 1.17 patch notes below.

  • Updates to the visuals of the Aston Martin AMR23 to bring the car closer to its real-life counterpart.
  • Fixed an issue where F2 23 and 5 lap races were incorrectly appearing in Ranked Multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where Events in F1 World tab “Solo & Multiplayer Events” were missing their titles and names.
  • Fixed an issue when completing a race in Multiplayer Grand Prix with multiple races in the playlist does not progress the lobby to the next race.
  • Fixed an issue where players were being promoted without completing any Ranked Division races.
  • Fixed an issue when buying Pitcoin from the store and then buying an XP boost would cause a crash.
  • General stability improvements.
  • Various minor fixes.

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