Ferrari gets Sainz a new chassis after fuel issue

Ferrari gets Sainz a new chassis after fuel issue

Following the discovery of a fuel system fault on Carlos Sainz’s car after Friday’s race in Barcelona, Ferrari was compelled to assemble a new chassis for him.

Carlos Sainz finished second behind Scuderia teammate Charles Leclerc, and finished fourth in FP2. However, Ferrari’s crews discovered a fuel system fault after the race, necessitating a chassis replacement.

The Italian team informed FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer of the modification, who enabled the team to break its curfew to complete the F1-75 chassis swap.

Ferrari’s staff weren’t the only ones working overtime on Friday; McLaren was also putting together a new chassis for Lando Norris. At the start of Friday’s FP2, the Briton seriously damaged the new upgraded floor on his MCL36, causing the McLaren driver’s session to be cut short.

While an initial study led McLaren to believe that only the new component needed to be repaired, a more thorough investigation convinced the team that Norris’ chassis needed to be replaced.

The stewards will not penalise Ferrari or McLaren because of the chassis changes.

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