Ferrari F1-75 makes track debut a day after official launch

Ferrari F1-75 makes track debut a day after official launch

Fiorano witnessed Ferrari’s first test of their 2022 F1 car, the F1-75, with Charles Leclerc behind the wheel just a day after official launch.

Ferrari’s new F1-75 has made its first track appearance ahead of the 2022 Formula One season at the team’s Fiorano test facility. The new car was first tested by Charles Leclerc as preparations for the new season kick off.

The F1-75 was officially unveiled by the squad on Thursday as pre-season test is set to begin next week at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona.

Ferrari fired up their new single-seater at a foggy and freezing Fiorano and put Charles Leclerc out on track for a few tentative runs as part of an early demonstration practice.

Ferrari released a short video of Leclerc testing the new car on the track.

On the day that Ferrari celebrates founder Enzo Ferrari’s birthday, Leclerc made his first run in the F1-75, which signals the start of a new technical era in F1. 

Ferrari’s demo run with the F1-75 will not count as one of the team’s two allowed filming days for the year as the new Formula 1 rules and regulations indicate that teams are allowed to hold two demo runs each year, with each run being limited to only 15 kilometers and held on a circuit that has not been certified for F1 cars.

This means the “regular track” will not be utilized for this “demo purpose,” according to team chief Mattia Binotto as Fiorano track which is located near to the team’s Maranello headquarters is Ferrari’s specialized test circuit.

On the 22nd of February, Ferrari will later use the last of its two approved filming days for the year (limited to 100km each) at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, just before pre-season testing begins at the same circuit.

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