Ferrari and Toyota receive the biggest BoP breaks for Imola

Ferrari and Toyota receive the biggest BoP breaks for Imola

Ferrari and Toyota have emerged as the major beneficiaries according to the Balance of Performance update for this weekend’s World Endurance Championship race in Imola.

Ferrari and Toyota have received the biggest weight reductions as part of major adjustments to the Hypercar Balance of Performance for the FIA World Endurance Championship’s second round in Imola this weekend.

The WEC Endurance Committee has released an update indicating that all nine of the cars contending in the top category will be running at a reduced minimum weight at the Italian circuit compared to last month’s season-opening Qatar 1812km.

The Ferrari 499P Le Mans Hypercar has increased its maximum power by 7kW (9bhp) and will race with a minimum weight of 1041kg, which is 34 kg short of what it weighed when it ran in the WEC season opener last month.

The Toyota GR010 HYBRID LMH has gained 6kW and dropped 29kg according to the table released by the FIA WEC Committee. Meanwhile, the Porsche 963 LMDh which locked out the podium in Qatar has a minimum weight drop of 15 kg and a 3kW power boost.

The Alpine A424 LMDh has the third-highest weight reduction at 28kg followed by the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 6 Competizioni LMH at 27kg and the BMW M Hybrid LMDh at 25kg.

Cadillac was allocated the least weight reduction—a mere 2 kg—to meet the class minimum of 1030 kg. However, the biggest power increase has been given to its V-Series LMDh, with a boost of 18kW (24bhp).

Of all nine of the cars competing in the WEC Hypercar class on Sunday, the rehomologated Peugeot 9X8 LMH is the only entry exempted from the BoP break.

The significantly redesigned Peugeot, dubbed the 9X8 2024, will be racing at 1061 kg in Imola, which is 31 kg heavier than its predecessor, and with a maximum output of 510kW rather than 520kW (683 vs. 697 bhp).

The Peugeot’s front-axle hybrid system can now be activated at 190 km/h, the same speed as other LMH prototypes. This comes after the French manufacturer switched from the 31cm all-around tyres of the original 9X8 to 29cm-wide front tyres and 34cm rear tyres.

The BoP changes have not been accompanied by any explanation, as is normal the table is released before every WEC race. However, the Autodromo Internationale Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola and Qatar’s Losail International Circuit have different track characteristics, which is perhaps why there have been weight reductions and power boosts across the board.

The BoP’s “power gain” component, which was supposed to balance off the Hypercars’ speeds in a straight line, is unlikely to be introduced until later. This comes after several manufacturers tested it in the pre-Qatar Prologue test.

To better match each car’s acceleration and top speed, a plus or minus figure will be added to its maximum power above 210km/h (130mph).

Additionally, the Imola BoP table for the new LMGT3 has been released.

Aston Martin will undergo the most significant change on its two evolution Vantage GT3s. The duo, which placed second and third in Qatar, now weigh 12 kg less on average, but their power has received a drop.

Listed in the BoP table as P15, the Aston will race in Italy at the lowest possible power. This is preset during the car’s homologation where manufacturers declare a power curve, and 14 more curves are then set, each with a power reduction of 1%.

However, Power gain exceeding 200 km/h (124 mph) is already in effect in LMGT3.

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