F1 series Drive to Survive will run for two more seasons

F1 series Drive to Survive will run for two more seasons

The popular docu-series ‘Drive to Survive’ has been extended for a fifth and sixth season by Formula 1 and Netflix.

The blockbuster Netflix show, which has been credited with helping to popularise the sport, published its fourth season in March, attracting its largest audience to yet.

Season five is now under production and will focus on the year 2022, while season six will focus on the forthcoming campaign in 2023.

The Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive,’ which depicts life behind the scenes in the F1 paddock, aired in 2019, and it was an instant hit. It has even been cited as one of the key drivers of Grand Prix racing’s appeal in America as the series has brought a new, younger population of followers to the sport on a global scale.

However, there has been considerable internal F1 criticism of ‘Drive to Survive,’ with numerous drivers voicing their displeasure with the series’ proclivity for fabricating intrigue or exaggerating rivalries.

Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion, has withdrawn from the series after criticising the way the film exaggerates everything.

“I’m quite a down-to-earth guy, and I just want it to be facts, don’t hype it up,” said the Red Bull driver earlier this year.

“I understand of course it needs to be like that for Netflix. It’s just not my thing.”

“I watched a few episodes of the last one and I was surprised I suddenly found myself talking in it,” he added. “It’s probably stuff from 2018 or something they picked up and used again about fighting and what I like to do. That of course was not correct.”

Meanwhile, ahead of the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto recently lauded the series for its role in growing the sport in North America.

“Overall, I think it’s very positive, and you can see Netflix, the digital communications, the broadcast, it’s all good and positive,” Binotto said.

Box to Box Films, the producer of ‘Drive-to-Survive,’ is already hard at work on Season 5, with teams in the paddock for the first four races.

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