Dorilton will not be selling Williams any soon

Dorilton will not be selling Williams any soon

Williams boss Jost Capito is convinced that the team’s owner, Dorilton Capital, is committed to Formula 1 and has no plans to part with the British outfit.

In the summer of 2020, Dorilton purchased Williams from the team’s founding family. However, earlier this year, rumors of German automaker Audi’s interest in acquiring a stake in the Grove-based operation led to speculation that the New York investment firm would be more than happy to sell its asset for a quick, sizable profit.

As part of its fiduciary duty to its shareholders, Dorilton presumably considered an Audi offer for Williams, but Capito says the US private equity’s goals for Formula 1 are long-term.

“Dorilton’s goal is not to sell at a profit, Dorilton’s goal is to be successful,” Capito said in an interview with Motorsport-Total. “They want to get the team back to the front and they want Williams to win again. How long that will take, that remains to be seen.

“At the moment, our bosses are fully behind us… After all, we are doing the business plan for the long term.”

“We don’t work month to month, we have long-term plans and they are signed off and, I think, they are realistic. Williams couldn’t have a better owner.”

However, due to Formula 1’s phenomenal growth and popularity, an original equipment manufacturer can approach it with an irresistible offer.

Capito said that Williams might think about joining forces, but he emphasized once more that Dorilton is not seeking a return on its investment.

“An OEM is probably always good for a team, but under certain conditions. It all depends,” said Capito. “Something like that can give a boost to the team.”

“But I think the team still has to be core Formula 1 business, and if a manufacturer takes over completely, then it’s not necessarily core business Formula 1.”

“But then it’s something you can switch on and off. And that’s where you have to weigh it up.”

“The situation is also different for every team. For us it’s very clear… Dorilton doesn’t want to sell and we think it’s better for the team not to sell than to become a manufacturer.”

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