Formula E and the FIA have made several changes to the track layout of the Riyadh Street Circuit just over a week before the season opener in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh is hosting Formula E’s first-ever night races on 26-27 February having installed low-consumption LED lights across the 2.495km circuit located within the UNESCO World Heritage site in Diriyah.

While the switch to night-time running was expected to be the biggest change for the third running of the Diriyah E-Prix, some corners have also received minor tweaks in the build-up to the race.

This includes the pit exit that feeds into Turn 2, the Turn 9/10 right-left sequence, and the Turn 18/19 complex which follows the main straight that stages the race start.

The amendments have been made to adapt to the changes the local authorities are making to the road network that forms part of the track.

It is understood that all Formula E teams were informed about potential track changes last Thursday, with the final configuration of the track only shown on Monday.

These last-minute changes could affect the simulator programmes of Formula E teams and would mean race drivers face a tight schedule to try the new layout on the sim before flying to Riyadh.

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