Christian Horner under criticism from Ralf Schumacher, told to ‘resign’

Christian Horner under criticism from Ralf Schumacher, told to 'resign'

Christian Horner has come under intense criticism from Ralf Schumacher, who has stated that the Red Bull team principal should resign as soon as possible.

The brother of seven-time world champion Michael, Ralf Schumacher, has advised Christian Horner to resign from the Red Bull team amid the ongoing turmoil.

The team boss is still under intense scrutiny due to the lack of transparency surrounding the internal investigation that cleared him of any wrongdoing following allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ by a female employee.

Horner has consistently refuted the claims and remained in his role for the first two races of the season as the team got off to a perfect start in their new campaign with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez finishing one and two.

However, Horner’s future is still uncertain, casting a shadow over their achievements. There is a power struggle going on in Red Bull’s chain of command, with Helmut Marko battling for supremacy.

Max Verstappen’s father, Jos, has been calling for Horner to be fired, and now Ralf Schumacher has joined the call for action.

“What I found and still think is a shame: the Christian Horner case outshines everything,” Schumacher told Sport 1. “This became particularly clear on the first weekend in Bahrain. It wasn’t until race day that there was a little talk about the sport.

“What also bothers me about the whole thing: An objective assessment is extremely difficult because there is a complete lack of transparency.

“It became problematic for me when he portrayed himself as a victim in the PK in Saudi Arabia. I’m sorry for his family, yes, but there was only one person who started this whole thing: him.

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“I can’t accept that he keeps saying he doesn’t want to talk about it in detail. I can say from my own experience when it comes to my divorce: Yes, it is difficult at the beginning when such a private matter is carried out in public.

“But there comes a time when we have to talk about it because in the end it’s what’s best for all parties.

“For example, you don’t hear anything from Horner’s employee and that’s not good. Nobody talks about her. One thing is certain: As long as this chaos remains, it will do immense damage to Red Bull.

“Horner said that no one is more important than the team. Therefore, he should follow this command and resign as soon as possible.”

This comes after Horner’s accuser was placed on paid suspension and Schumacher has demanded that a resolution should be made to end the pandemonium as soon as possible.

“Everything should be sorted out as quickly as possible,” Schumacher added. “It wouldn’t hurt anyone if he left. It would be important for the Red Bull brand.”

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