Charles Leclerc signs a multi-year contract extension with Ferrari

Charles Leclerc signs a multi-year contract extension with Ferrari

Charles Leclerc will remain with the Ferrari Formula 1 squad for the foreseeable future following the signing of a new contract extension.

Ferrari has confirmed that it has extended its contract with Charles Leclerc for a number of years in a bid to retain the 26-year old at the Scuderia for the foreseeable future.

Leclerc’s current contract with the Scuderia was slated to expire at the end of this season, but a renewal had been heavily anticipated and was considered as a guarantee.

The Monesgague was reportedly on the verge of signing a staggering five-year contract with Ferrari at the end of the previous season, which would have seen him remain at Maranello through 2029.

Approaching the last season of his 2019 contract, Leclerc was one of Formula 1’s hotly contested prospects, therefore Ferrari had his future at the very top of their priorities.

Leclerc has said he will continue to drive for Ferrari for several more seasons, although it always felt like he was destined to remain with the team given his proclaimed devotion for the team. However, the exact number of years that his new contract would cover was not mentioned in the announcement.

Leclerc’s relationship with Ferrari began after he joined its driving academy in 2016. He won the GP3 and F2 championships before joining the Formula 1 Championship with Alfa Romeo in 2018 and went on to join Ferrari for the 2019 season. Later that season, he recorded his first two victories for the team in Belgium and Italy.

“I’m very pleased to know that I will be wearing the Scuderia Ferrari race suit for several more seasons to come,” he said.

“To race for this team has been my dream since I was three years old: I used to watch the Monaco Grand Prix from the window of a friend’s apartment at Ste. Devote corner and I would always look out for the red cars.

“This team is my second family ever since I joined the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2016 and we have achieved a lot together, fighting through thick and thin over the past five years.

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“However, I believe the best is yet to come and I can’t wait for this season to start, to make further progress and be competitive at every race.

“My dream remains that of winning the World Championship with Ferrari and I’m sure that in the years ahead, we will enjoy great times together and make our fans happy.”

In his five years racing for the team, Leclerc has secures five grand prix victories, thirty podiums and 23 pole positions, but the consistent title push he so much craves has not yet materialized.

Ferrari team boss Frederic Vasseur was happy to hear that Leclerc will be sticking around and playing a significant part in the team’s future endeavors. Vasseur helped shape Leclerc’s early career during his junior championships.

“Charles’ bond to the Scuderia goes beyond that of just a driver and a team,” Vasseur said. “He has been part of the Ferrari family for eight years now, dating back to a time before he first sported the Prancing Horse emblem on his race suit.

“His values and those of our team are intertwined and so it was natural for us to be in agreement on extending our collaboration.

“We know him for his incessant desire to push himself to the limit and we appreciate his extraordinary abilities when it comes to fighting and overtaking in a race.”

Vasseur is also determined to get Leclerc a championship winning car.

“We are determined to give Charles a winning car and I know that his determination and commitment are elements that can make the difference in helping us reach our goals.”

Meanwhile, Leclerc’s teammate Carlos Sainz is yet to determine what the future holds for him after this season, since negotiations to sign a contract extension with Ferrari appear to be at a standstill.

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