Alpinestars have broken down data from Vinales Sunday near disaster during the MotoGP of Styria, in Austria which saw the 25-year-old jumping off his bike on lap 16 due to brake failure. The bike slammed into the air fence bursting into flames as he slid along the track into the gravel.

Alpinestars have broken down the data of the incident which saw the Yamaha rider come out unscathed.

A close look at the information shows that the rider was travelling at 218 km/h when he made a decision to jump off the bike as the built-in airbags deployed milliseconds before initial impact protecting the catalan as he hit the tarmac at over 20g.

Vinales registered 23.45g while sliding along the tarmac which was quickly followed by another heavy impact which was well over 20g, as he continued to slide for another 4.8 seconds before slowing down to a tumble for 1.9 seconds.

The airbag technology in the suit highly contributed to the safety of the Yamaha rider because he was immediately able to get back on his own feet.

This was the second scary incident that the Monster Energy rider had been involved in, the first being a week prior as he was lucky to avoid  being hit by a flying motorcycle in the Franco Morbidelli and Johann Zarco crash. 

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