Alonso sells his Ferrari Enzo for $5.9 million

Alonso sells his Ferrari Enzo for $5.9 million

Fernando Alonso’s prized Ferrari Enzo initially appeared to have failed to find a buyer, but it turns out that the auction house in charge of the sale, Monaco Car Auctions, was successful in finding a buyer for the coveted Italian sports car.

News of at least 40 Ferraris going up for auction at the same time broke towards the end of May. The Scocca n.1 must have been the showpiece of the collection because it was listed alongside everything from a Ferrari “Beach Car” to a raced 250 GT Boano.

That is how the Italian automaker describes the first body it created for the Ferrari Enzo in 2002. Fernando Alonso, a Spanish Formula 1 driver, possessed this body up until a short time ago along with the car’s chassis, V12 engine, and luxury interior.

The car was put up for auction by MonacoCarAuctions, and it undoubtedly found a buyer immediately. We aren’t informed who that is, but we do know that they had to fork over 5.4 million euros for the car in total, including auction fees. At the current currency rate, that amounts to $5.913 million.

This amount is consistent with the estimate Monaco Car Auctions provided for the first auction of this vehicle (between 5 million and 5.5 million euros), which ended without the reserve price for the vehicle being met.

Additionally, this occurred with 27 of the remaining 52 items that were put up for auction. However, the final sale has achieved a price commensurate with the car in question.

The car which had just had a thorough restoration was sold from Alonso’s private collection and its previous ownership by the two-time Formula 1 champion likely contributed to the vehicle’s high price.

It stands out not just for being unit 1 (certified by Ferrari Classiche) and coming from the two-time Spanish champion’s private collection, but also for having a low mileage of only 4,800 kilometers.

The Ferrari Enzo is among the most expensive vehicles to have ever rolled off the Maranello assembly line. Its 399-unit production run was limited and its interior was overflowing with Formula 1 technology.

The vehicle also contained a pleasant surprise. Alonso personally made a video message for the car’s new owners, which attendees of the auction were permitted to view, in which he detailed his experience with the amazing Italian hypercar.

“It means a lot to me, I had a great time with the car, it’s a magical work of art,” Alonso said. “Take care of the car and enjoy it.”

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