Sebastian Vettel is not drawing too many parallels between starting life with Aston Martin and the time when he joined Red Bull in 2009 – because he is now much older.

On the face of it, there are some similarities to the two jobs the German began 12 years apart. Not least is the geography, with the respective factories being only half an hour or so from each other. Also, on both occasions he left an Italy-based team, Toro Rosso to Red Bull and now Ferrari to Aston Martin.

In addition, each of those times he was joining a relatively fresh team looking to work their way up to launch a challenge for the World Championship.

However, the most obvious difference is the stage of his career Vettel is now at. Instead of being a fresh-faced 21-year-old youngster, he is now a more grizzled 33 with four World Championship titles for Red Bull followed by a less successful six years with Ferrari.

“On paper there are certainly some things that seem similar, but I think the situation is different. Mainly because I’m at a different point myself today,” said Vettel, quoted by F1 Insider.

“At a better point, with far more experience, with a clearer view. Therefore you cannot really compare the two starting points with each other. At that time I did not have the knowledge I have today, so the approach is completely different.”

That knowledge is being brought to bear at Aston Martin, who have undergone a transformation from Racing Point with a darkish green livery anticipated instead of the previous pink as Vettel joins team owner’s son Lance Stroll in the driver line-up.

Although he will have to wait to try his new car on track at pre-season testing in Bahrain from March 12-14, Vettel has begun to integrate himself by way of visiting the factory and having a seat fit.

“Everyone is different, but nevertheless everyone probably likes to have an environment where they stand up for one another and work for one another,” he added.

“So far, there are of course a lot of new faces for me at Aston Martin, but I am confident it will work.

“You always have to be open to new things. I will meet a lot of new people, new ways of working, new approaches – and I would not be well advised to believe that only my way is the right one.”

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