Vettel boycotts F1 ruling on fireproof clothing by stepping out with a grey underwear

Vettel boycotts F1 ruling on fireproof clothing by stepping out with a grey underwear

Sebastian Vettel wanted to show his frustration with the whole incident with the fireproof underwear, and he did so in spectacular fashion, as the German was seen in the pit lane wearing his underwear over his racing suit, much to the delight of the crowd.

Sebastian Vettel was observed wearing grey boxers over his race suit as he approached his crew in the pitlane. This was moments before the first practice session at the new Miami track as the Aston Martin driver was caught on camera.

The four-time world champion laughed before making a befuddled gesture with his hands. It comes after the FIA announced this weekend that jewellery and fire-resistant undergarments will be banned.

The rule means that in scrutineering, fire-resistant underwear will be checked, and teams will be asked to confirm that their drivers followed the guidelines. Drivers who do not adhere to the rules may face fines or possibly race bans.

“I feel like it’s almost like a step backwards. If you think about the steps we are taking as a sport,” Vettel said. “All the more important issues and causes we need to be focused on.“

“It’s a small thing. I’ve been in the sport for 16 years… in the car I only have my earrings on and my nose ring, of which I can not really remove. It seems unnecessary for us to get into this spat.”

Seb was not, however, the only driver who was opposing the FIA. Lewis Hamilton, his longstanding adversary, also took part. The British actress donned a lot of bling to her press conference earlier today. The jewellery ban, on the other hand, irritated the seven-time world champion.

Even though the drivers have publicly stated their dissatisfaction with the FIA’s rules, it may not make a difference in the end. However, one thing is certain: the first-ever Miami Grand Prix has not disappointed. Meanwhile, the fans are looking forward to the action on race day.

In his pre-event comments for Miami, though, new race director Niels Wittich issued another caution to teams about the issue.

“Metallic objects, such as jewelery, in contact with the skin can reduce heat transmission protection and thus may increase the risk of burn injuries in the event of a fire.”

“The wearing of jewelery during the competition can hinder both medical interventions as well as subsequent diagnosis and treatment should it be required following an accident.”

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