Verstappen supports changes made to Jeddah circuit

Verstappen supports changes made to Jeddah circuit

Max Verstappen has voiced his support for the modifications made to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit in preparation for the upcoming Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen has commended the modifications made to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit ahead of this year’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to increase safety at a track where multiple high-speed crashes have occurred since it was added to the Formula 1 calendar in 2021.

The reigning world champion, who is currently leading the early standings, will go to Saudi Arabia to compete in one of the newest events to be added to the sporting calendar and will be aiming for back-to-back victories there.

Verstappen beat Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in a protracted battle that lasted several laps around the street circuit in 2022, giving Verstappen the victory.

Verstappen acknowledged that he was pleased with the modifications made to the track’s barrier locations in advance of the next race. These adjustments were made to increase visibility and lessen the possibility of high-speed crashes.

“After a great start in Bahrain I don’t expect it to be an easy task in Jeddah, it is a completely different circuit and needs the car to be quick,” Verstappen said. “Nevertheless, with the high-speed corners, I do believe we can have a strong car around this track.”

“The track changes that have been made are mainly for visibility, so hopefully it has improved things a bit for us drivers, as it was definitely dangerous in some areas.”

“It’s a really cool street circuit, with quite a lot of grip, so I always enjoy going back there to race.”

According to Max Verstappen, all Formula 1 drivers will be in favor of changes to the “dangerous” Saudi Arabian circuit.

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon acknowledged the changes: “It is a very fast and flowing street circuit and most of the lap is taken at full throttle, which is very exciting.”

“There are some changes to the circuit this year to improve safety and visibility on corner entry, so we’ll definitely be offering some feedback on the changes on Friday after practice to see how effective they are.”

Kevin Magnussen, who did not compete in the first race and merely drove the circuit last year, is hopeful that the changes haven’t altered how the circuit plays out.

“I think it’s a great circuit… Last year was my first time there and it’s a really fun and exciting track to drive,” the Haas driver said. “So I hope it hasn’t changed too much or at least not changed for the worse.”

“I hope it’s still going to be a thrilling place to drive,” he added. “It’s a circuit where confidence with the car counts for a lot – you need to be confident and happy with the car and happy to push because it’s a pretty flat-out track.”

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix practice sessions start on Friday, giving drivers their first opportunity to experience the modified circuit.

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