Max Verstappen set to equal Schumacher’s record in Hungary

Max Verstappen set to equal Schumacher's record in Hungary

Max Verstappen is already the undeniable favorite to win the Hungarian Grand Prix and mark seven consecutive wins in F1.

Verstappen’s victory at the British Grand Prix last time out at Silverstone was his eighth in the first 10 races, and his blistering achievement coincided with teammate Sergio Perez’s worrisome downturn.

The double world champion is now certain to win three World Championships by the end of the current season after those six races, during which his points advantage grew to 99.

Verstappen’s current streak of six victories tops his previous high from last year, when he won the races in France, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. It also surpasses Lewis Hamilton’s earlier streak of five race wins in a row.

Verstappen, however, is currently looking to set a new record. The record currently held by three World Champions including Michael Schumacher, is the next on Verstappen’s hit list. Sebastian Vettel’s streak of nine victories in a row can be broken at Monza in September.

Vettel is on his own in terms of most consecutive wins in F1, as a result of the beating he gave out following the 2013 summer break but there is a three-way tie for second position.

Three drivers—Alberto Ascari, Michael Schumacher, and Nico Rosberg—took seven consecutive victories but only Schumacher achieved this feat in a single calendar year, in his dominant 2004 season during which he dominated 12 of the first 13 races and only missed Monaco due to a crash in the tunnel.


Sebastian Vettel9Belgium 2013Brazil 2013
Alberto Ascari7Belgium 1952Argentina 1953
Michael Schumacher7Europe 2004Hungary 2004
Nico Rosberg7Mexico 2015Russia 2016
Max Verstappen6 – ongoingMiami 2023Britain 2023
Michael Schumacher6Italy 2000Malaysia 2001
Lewis Hamilton5Italy 2014United States 2014
Eifel 2020Bahrain 2020

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