Max Verstappen’ s contract with Red Bull Racing runs until 2023, which means he will have almost three full seasons with the Austrian team. However, there are escape clauses in the contract of the 23-year-old Dutchman that could make an early switch to Mercedes possible. Verstappen does not want to waste words on that though.

“I have a contract at Red Bull until 2023, and I am very happy where I am. There is no reason to change,” Verstappen revealed in an interview with The Independent. The 11-time Grand Prix winner started at the then Toro Rosso in 2015 and switched to Red Bull in May 2016. So Verstappen is already on his sixth season with the Austrian team but he could not really compete for the world title yet with the top team.

In recent seasons Red Bull has always been behind the times, but Verstappen has always had faith in his employer. And rightly so, because in 2021 the driver from Limburg and his new teammate Sergio Perez will be able to compete directly with ‘The Silver Arrows’. The prospects are good, although much will depend on how Red Bull interprets the new regulations for 2022.

Verstappen lives in the here and now and only wants to focus on taking his first world championship in Formula 1. “I never think too far ahead because I want to live in the moment. I want to win races and championships with Red Bull and that is why I signed for so long. I feel at home here and that is very important to me.”

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