Swab tests not required for vaccinated spectators at Mandalika MotoGP

Swab tests not required for vaccinated spectators at Mandalika MotoGP

Vaccinated spectators at Mandalika MotoGP will not take swab tests as a requirement.

Those who have been vaccinated and want to watch MotoGP Mandalika at the Mandalika International Street Circuit no longer need to take a COVID-19 swab test. This is according to the newest Home Affairs Ministerial Instruction No. 17/2022 on the enforcement of public mobility limitations or PPKM Level 4, Level 3, Level 2, and Level 1 for non-Javanese-Bali districts.

The maximum number of spectators authorized to enter the event site is 60,000, with a maximum of 10% of the total spectators in the festival class, according to the new law.

“All racers, crew, officials, and spectators who have received two doses of the vaccine are not required to show the results of the RT-PCR or rapid antigen test,” said Director General of Regional Administration at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Safrizal ZA, in a written statement, Tuesday morning, March 15.

Spectators from outside the island of Lombok are also not required to submit a negative RT-PCR or quick antigen test result upon arriving in Lombok as long as they have finished the vaccination course, he noted.

“It is hoped that the MotoGP event can create a multiplier effect for the local and regional economy through efforts in maximizing the involvement of MSMEs so that they are able to improve and accelerate the national economic recovery agenda,” said Safrizal.

However, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the management of Mataram City has urged the public to continue to follow rigorous health standards during the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia.

“Although the enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in Mataram City is at Level 1, we must remain vigilant to curb the transmission of the virus by wearing masks,” Assistant for Government and People’s Welfare at the Mataram City Regional Secretariat Lalu Martawang said.

“Hence, since it is usually hard to keep the distance between visitors at entertainment attractions, in accordance with the health protocols, they must wear a mask to reduce the transmission potential of the virus,” he added.

“If possible, various entertainment performances, such as traditional dances, arts, and music, can be conducted at hotels to entertain guests,” he added.

Furthermore, he asked all parties in Mataram city to be good hosts to visitors of the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia and make the tourists feel safe and comfortable so that they long to return to the city.

The government has carried out a simulation of the operation of the free shuttle buses that will be provided for spectators of the racing event, Martawang informed.

“The former Selaparang Airport will become the main shuttle bus terminal for the spectators coming from North Lombok district, Mataram city, and West Lombok district. They will be taken to the circuit from the terminal,” he added.

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