Sebastian Vettel has been offered a Formula E drive

Sebastian Vettel has been offered a Formula E drive

Sebastian Vettel has been offered the chance to drive a Formula E car in the future by DS Techeetah president Thomas Chevaucher.

Vettel’s Aston Martin deal expires at the end of the 2022 season, and it’s unclear whether the four-time world champion will return to the sport.

Vettel obviously wants to be at the front of whatever series he is in, but with the Aston off the pace of the front-runners, he will have to wait at least another year to challenge for a fifth world championship, though he must have known what he was getting himself into when joining the Silverstone-based team.

“Sebastian is very interested in environmental protection and has climate change in mind, just like we do in Formula E,” said Chevaucher.

“We do not know to what extent he is interested in continuing his career in Formula E, but we would like to give him the opportunity to try out a CO2-neutral racing car.”

As the season progresses, he will be deciding on his future, but given his high environmental consciousness, the CEO of one of the major Formula E teams has gone on record to say he’d want to offer Vettel the chance to at least sample one of his cars.

Formula E is helping to lead the battle for more ecologically friendly cars and motorsport, and its popularity is growing all the time, with events taking place all over the world.

Former Formula One drivers Jean-Eric Vergne, Pascal Wehrlein, Stoffel Vandoorne, and Antonio Giovinazzi are among the field, although Vettel joining would be a huge coup for the series.

However, this isn’t to imply that whenever Seb hangs up his F1 gloves, we’ll see him lining up on the Formula E grid, but the series has expressed interest in giving Vettel an opportunity, and after all, he is a racing driver, so why wouldn’t he be interested in trying something new?

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