Sargeant reveals he does not use the in-race drink system

Sargeant reveals he does not use the in-race drink system

Logan Sargeant has admitted that he has not been using his in-race drink system during his rookie Formula 1 season.

In the world of Formula 1, staying hydrated is essential to maintaining one’s focus while driving, but Logan Sargeant has avoided making use of his water system throughout the season.

The American driver signed up with Williams at the beginning of the year and graduated to racing in Formula 1 in 2021 after accumulating enough super licence points throughout his Formula 2 career. His highest-placed finish was 11th at the British Grand Prix.

Drivers use the built-in drinks system in their cars over the course of race weekends, with a straw placed under the helmet.

Drivers use the system to stay hydrated as the cockpit heats up during a race, but Sargeant claims he hasn’t used it any time this year.

This weekend, Formula 1 heads to Singapore, which is frequently referred to as the year’s most physically demanding event due to the heat and humidity on hand together with a technically challenging Marina Bay Circuit.

“I don’t find it easy to do,” Sargeant said in an interview ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix. “So I just live with the fact that I hydrate before the race.”

Sargeant will be racing at the Singapore Grand Prix for the first time, but he claims that so far, it has not seemed to be as warm as his home race in Miami.

“I think in terms of pure temperature, it’s not as bad as some of the other ones we go to,” the Williams driver said. “It’s just the humidity that gets you, which is why we do that humidity training.

“I think the biggest thing is dehydration through the race.

“I personally don’t drink, so I just have to live with it through the race. But I don’t find it warmer than Miami. I think Miami is even more humid, to be honest.

“So, I think it just comes down to a track characteristic that it’s pretty non-stop and that’s what makes it so difficult.”

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