Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo is rumoured to have struck up a romance with aspiring actress Heidi Berger.

The New York based beauty, 24, who is a student at New York University, is the daughter of Austrian F1 driver Gerhard Berger.

Fans noticed the pair have been spending time together, with celebrity gossip site Deux Moi reporting that they recently celebrated Daniel’s 32nd birthday together in Austria.

According to reports, they have been spotted together in New York in the past week, shopping and enjoying brunch, as well as entering a hotel.

They were also seen together in a video where they were riding in a helicopter in St Tropez, a town on the French Riviera, back in June.

Heidi is additionally believed to be the woman seen in an Instagram post shared by Daniel – in the image, he is jokingly flipping a woman off during a hike in Los Angeles, while concealing her identity with an emoji.

Daniel is known for keeping his private life a closely guarded secret.

His last public relationship was with long-term girlfriend Jemma Boskovich before the pair split in 2016.

In 2018, it was reported that model Jessica Gomes, 36, was ‘discreetly seeing’ the Formula One driver.

It comes after a TikTok star recalled a wild night she once shared in Ibiza with the racing driver.

Sara Ayter described Daniel, as the ‘coolest human’ after he apparently invited her and two pals to a boat party upon meeting on the nearby island of Formentera in 2019.

‘We were taking pictures in Beso Beach, and three guys came up to us and said they were going back to Ibiza on their private boat and asked us if we wanted to join,’ she began.

After enjoying a thrilling ride around the islands, the trio were then asked to join Daniel and his pals for a house party – and she started to believe he was famous thanks to seeing his ‘blue tick on Instagram’.

‘Then we ended up going to their house – it was the best house I’ve ever been to,’ she added.

‘We had drinks, we played games, we stayed over. The day after I was swimming in the pool and Daniel was the only one awake. I was cold and he asked me if I wanted his shirt, so I swam with his shirt.’

While there’s no suggestion that anything romantic happened between the pair, Sara was incredibly complimentary of how the star behaved towards her and her friends.

‘He was the entire time making sure we were alright. They were so, so nice. He was the coolest human,’ she said.

‘Daniel was the entire time dancing, making jokes, smiling. Like has a huge heart. Now we finally know who he is!’

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