Rossi reunites with his championship winning bikes ahead of his last MotoGP race in Valencia

Rossi reunites with his championship winning bikes ahead of his last MotoGP race in Valencia

A special display awaited Valentino Rossi as he arrived for the start of his final Valencia GP race weekend, in Valencia on Thursday.

One bike from each of his nine world championship seasons was assembled, plus a representative from each of the respective factories: Lin Jarvis for Yamaha (2004, 2005, 2008, 2009), Alberto Puig for Honda (2001, 2002, 2003) and Massimo Rivola for Aprilia (1996, 1998).

“The last race I want to try to make normal, but it’s not possible! It’s a great emotion and already from today to see all the bikes together and all the riders from MotoGP here is a great feeling,” said Rossi.

“I have the bikes at home, except the Hondas. I have all the Aprilias and all the Yamahas. The Yamahas are in my house, the 2004 model is in my bedroom, so every morning when I wake up I see the bike!

“But to have them all together like this is a great emotion and it’s a long way from the first one, a really long time ago, also if you consider that after the last one [in 2009] have another 10 years! It’s a long way and a great emotion.”

Rossi was seen speaking to Puig about the 500cc NSR two-stroke as they posed for pictures, later revealing he had been asking if Honda would allow him to keep the bike he says was promised to him but never delivered.

“I spoke with Alberto and I ask for minimum for the 500, also because that 500 is my 500, it’s the bike that Honda was supposed to give to me,” Rossi said. “I was ready to take it, I have already the place at home, but after for some reason the bike never arrived.

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“I’m happy if Honda changes their mind and give me that one. For sure, the bike will be well looked after, at a good temperature and have a good place in my house!”

Rossi won the last ever 500cc world title for Honda in 2001, then the opening titles of the new four-stroke MotoGP era in 2002 and 2003, before stunning the sport by switching to the struggling Yamaha factory where he won the title at his first attempt.

While Jarvis was instrumental in tempting Rossi to Yamaha in 2004 and has overseen all his seasons on the M1, Puig and Rivola arrived at HRC and Aprilia respectively long after Rossi’s era at the factories.

Editorial Note: Watch a video on YouTube of Rossi’s reunion with the winning race bike here.

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