Romain Grosjean reveals special helmet for Mercedes test

Former Haas driver Romain Grosjean is still waiting for his private Mercedes test, as promised by Toto Wolff, and has a special one-off helmet ready for the event.

Despite no date for his F1 farewell being announced, Romain Grosjean has revealed the one-of-a-kind helmet he has ready for his anticipated Mercedes test.

Following his F1 career being cut short by a terrible incident at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, Mercedes offered the Frenchman a test session in one of their cars.

The test was supposed to happen around the time of the 2021 French Grand Prix, however it was canceled owing to Covid travel restrictions.

Grosjean is still waiting for Toto Wolff’s call to drive one of Lewis Hamilton’s legendary cars.

Grosjean last gave an update on his anticipated Mercedes test in January, telling IndyCar reporters that Wolff is still hoping to complete the test this year.

The former Haas driver currently resides in the United States and competes full-time in IndyCar for Andretti, giving Mercedes only a few opportunities to conduct the test. He has already been fitted with a seat at the team’s Brackley F1 base.

“I sent a message to Toto after Abu Dhabi. Well, I left a couple of weeks [go by] and then I sent a message to Toto, and he did reply,” the Frenchman said speaking during an IndyCar press conference.

“He started, ‘Thank you’, and then the last sentence was, ‘We need to get you in that car this year’.”

Grosjean gave his assessment of Mercedes’ difficult start to the 2017 season on his YouTube account. The Frenchman is optimistic that the team will find a solution to their problems, but he acknowledges that there is still a lot of work to be done.

“Mercedes are such a great team that, even when they have a very hard weekend, they are up there,” he continued.

“They definitely have a lot of work to do on the Mercedes side, but I am not worried, I am sure they are going to be back up there.”

“They’ll push as hard as they can, send parts at the last minute, and try to get stronger in Melbourne.”

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