RNF MotoGP team unveils 2023 Aprilia bike

RNF MotoGP team unveils 2023 Aprilia bike

RNF Racing is the last MotoGP team to reveal its 2023 livery, showcasing its fresh appearance ahead of its debut season as an Aprilia satellite team.

The newly renamed CryptoData RNF Aprilia MotoGP team has displayed its 2023 colors in a live YouTube event, revealing a new livery for Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez for the upcoming season as the Romanian cyber security team assumes control of the team.

A high-value online production was substituted for the original live event that was supposed to have been the debut last week in order to highlight the new majority owner’s position as the team’s leader in charge of its future digital and marketing strategy.

The main branding on the bike is not from the team’s new owners, but from CryptoData’s secure messaging app Wispr, which is joined by Italian dairy company and long-time motorcycle racing supporter Sterilgarda. This means that the bike retains more design cues from the WithU Yamaha from previous year than many had anticipated.

Given that the team’s trucks were painted green at the beginning of the season as part of their rebranding, it was initially believed that green would play a larger role on the bike. Instead, just the back seat portion of the machine has adopted the color.

“I’m thrilled to finally start the new season with a revamped spirit and our bold new colours that reflect the new CryptoData RNF MotoGP Team,” said team principal Razlan Razali.

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“As a team, we’re dedicated to making changes and going out of the box from the norm of the sport.”

“We’ve partnered with CryptoData to bring cutting-edge technology to the sport and help us stay at the forefront of innovation… But beyond our partnership, we’re focused on bringing our own unique approach to racing, with a team culture that emphasises excellence, determination, passion and the desire to be different.”

“The CryptoData RNF MotoGP Team represents an exciting new chapter for the team and for the sport, we’re eager to see where the future takes us.”

“Ultimately, we believe that with having our partners who share the same vision on board with us, we are well-positioned for success and to make our mark in the sport.”

“Now, we have a focus on innovation and to push boundaries, we are sure to bring new excitement and energy to the world of motorcycle racing this season.”

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