Following a recent post on social media on Friday, Rich Energy has thrown out another teaser of their future comeback to Formula 1.

Energy drink company, Rich Energy have given out another hint showing the possibility of their return to Formula 1 after sharing tweets suggesting involvement in 2022 announcements.

This comes as McLaren Formula 1 team is set to launch their 2022 championship contender bringing out speculation that the company may sponsor a Formula 1 team for the 2022 season.

The energy drink company became the official partner of the Haas team in 2019, after the team finished fifth in the Constructors’ Championship in the previous season.

Although Haas finished behind Renault, their performance which included 18-point finishes from Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen was enough to persuade Rich Energy CEO William Storey that they were worth his money.

To symbolize the new partnership they were coming into business with, Haas unveiled a black and gold livery ahead of the season, and it felt like the start of a new era for the outfit that had only entered the sport in 2016.

Rich Energy’s inexperience about the difficult and competitive nature of Formula 1 was immediately apparent, and they repeatedly stated that they were “better than Red Bull,” a fellow energy drink maker.

This occurred during testing, when lap times are almost entirely unrepresentative, but Haas had a promising start to the season, with Magnussen finishing sixth in the Australian Grand Prix, a position his French team-mate could have achieved had he not experienced the same pit stop drama as the year before at the same race.

Following that, the team’s fortunes worsened, and they were comfortably the second slowest team on the grid, trailing only Williams. Considering their qualifying pace was impressive, they performed poorly in races.

Storey’s company later tweeted that they had ended their partnership with Haas before the team denied this, insisting that they still had a contract. With performances dwindling and aspirations fading, Storey’s company bizarrely tweeted that they had ended their partnership with Haas before the team denied this, insisting that they still had a contract.

The British company went on to produce parodies of the team they were sponsoring, but reports surfaced that they were not actually delivering any of their contractual responsibilities to Haas, and the two companies split up ahead of the 2020 Italian Grand Prix.

Rich Energy has been teasing their return to the summit of motorsport with tweets since then, the most recent of which arrived today – which also happens to be the day McLaren unveils its 2022 rival.

“A day of announcements,” read the tweet.

Another tweet suggested their return.

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