Relief for Red Bull and Honda as F1 approves engine freeze from 2022

Red Bull will move forward with Honda engines past the 2021 season with word that an engine freeze will be introduced.

Although not yet official, has learned that the motion will be passed after a meeting on Thursday involving the FIA, the F1 organisation and teams. The decision no doubt comes as a massive relief for the Milton Keynes outfit, as they were forced to find a solution regarding their power unit following the Japanese manufacturer’s decision to leave Formula 1 at the end of the season.

Red Bull had worked out a plan that would see the F1 team continue with Honda engines while buying the intellectual property. However any deal was reliant on an engine development freeze being approved given Red Bull don’t have the money or the facilities to set up an entire engine program.

Initially there was full support for the freeze, however a vote at the end of January failed to deliver a verdict. However thinks have changed since then, with Red Bull finally getting clarity on the matter.

It’s no doubt a boost for the Milton Keynes outfit following word that Lewis Hamilton will driver for Mercedes in 2021. Keeping Honda engines gives the team an opportunity to take the fight to the German manufacturer, while also keeping Max Verstappen happy given he can opt out of his Red Bull deal if the car and engine package aren’t competitive.

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